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Take your spring clean to the next level with professional carpet cleaning

Are you in the midst of spring cleaning your home? If you really want to get it squeaky clean, consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned.

If you ask us, now is the ideal time for getting the carpets in your house cleaned, for a number of reasons:

  • Now that winter is over, the risk of further damage by mud and salt brought in on shoes is reduced.
  • Carpets have less daytime use now that the weather is better for spending time outdoors.
  • Warmer weather also means that windows can be left open to aid the drying process.

The benefits of professional carpet cleaning

Although there are some DIY products and machines on the market, there’s numerous benefits to getting in the professionals…

  • Even tough stains can be removed. We’ve got a number of different techniques for heavily soiled carpets and tough stains.
  • Quicker turnaround – our skilled team can work much faster than the average homeowner, meaning you can be back enjoying your home faster.
  • No waiting days for carpets to dry. Specialist equipment means you can be back on your carpets really quickly, even by the time we’re driving away.

See our professional carpet cleaning in action

Watch this video to see how much cleaner your carpets could look!

And this is the state of the water that comes out of our machine. Just think how much nicer it will be knowing that dirt is out of your carpets!

Book your carpet spring clean 

Want your carpets to look as good as new? Contact us now for a no obligation quote.

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