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Book your solar panel cleaning ready for summer

Solar panels are the future. A growing number of homes and businesses now have solar panels for both electricity and hot water.

One of the benefits of solar panels is that they require very little upkeep. However, people don’t always realise that they do need cleaning.

How often do solar panels need to be cleaned?

To get the maximum benefit from your solar panel they should be cleaned regularly – we recommend at least once a year.

Exactly how often will depend on where you live. Dust, algae and bird droppings can all lower the performance of panels.

It’s a common myth that rain will clean panels. Although rain can go some way to removing dust, rain alone won’t ensure your panels are performing at their best.

How much difference does cleaning make to performance?

More light can reach solar cells on clean solar panels. Exactly how much difference cleaning makes depends on how dirty the panel was before cleaning, but research found increases of 60% after just one clean.

Book solar panel cleaning now

Spring is the ideal time to get your solar panels cleaned so they let in the maximum amount of light over the summer months. Get in touch to book.

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