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Is your restaurant clean enough?

Is your restaurant clean enough?

Is your restaurant clean enough? A well cleaned restaurant can help you…

1) Meet regulatory requirements

A clean environment is part of the food hygiene requirement set by the Foods Standards Agency. Problems with cleanliness are likely to lead to a lower Food Hygiene Rating. 

2) Keep pests at bay

Keeping a clean space also plays a big part in reducing the risk of pest infestation. Rodents, flies and cockroaches are attracted to dirty work surfaces and food that hasn’t been cleared away.

Even a small infestation could be highly damaging to a restaurant’s reputation, as the restaurant is likely to have to be closed to complete pest control and sanitisation. 

3) Safeguard diners from food poisoning

Effective cleaning helps reduce the risk of food contamination and the potential for food poisoning.

4) Make a positive impression

People are unlikely to return to a restaurant that is visibly dirty or has evidence of pests. Likewise, clear windows and a clean exterior are more likely to encourage passing trade. 

Arrange a regular restaurant cleaning contract

If you’d like to ensure your restaurant benefits from being squeaky clean, get in touch to find out more about a regular cleaning plan. Our plans can include windows, carpets, kitchens, toilets and even upholstery – to ensure every area is always as clean as it can be.

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