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Yeovil based professional cleaning for carpets & rugs

Before resigning yourself to the expense of replacing carpets and rugs, why not consider professional cleaning? It could work out more cost effective than you realise!

Professional cleaning for carpets and rugs can effectively remove years of ingrained dirt, all kinds of stains and even odours that vacuuming alone just can’t shift.

Both can be cleaned with the minimum of disruption to your home or business. We’ll clean your carpets at whatever time is most convenient to you, whether that’s out of hours or early morning. Meanwhile, we’ll whisk your rugs away to be cleaned in our in-house rug cleaning facility.

Our professional cleaning process

professional cleaning for carpets and rugs

Professional cleaning of a hotel carpet by Helliar

We have invested heavily to ensure we have the very latest equipment and expertise required to safely clean rugs and carpets to the highest standards. In conjunction with Paul Pearce from the National Carpet Cleaners Association, with have developed a robust carpet and rug cleaning process.


Before we start work on cleaning your rug or carpet, we always complete a thorough inspection. This inspection is vital to help us identify exactly what type of rug or carpet we are dealing with, plus the extent of soiling or staining, so we can select the right cleaning processes and products.

Carpet – Dry cleaning and dust removal

Many of the rugs we clean contain large amounts of dry dust and dirt that needs to be removed prior to wet cleaning.

Rugs can hold a huge amount of dirt before they even start to look dirty; some contain so much dust that they’re half the weight by the time we have finished the dust removal process!

This is a very important stage in the cleaning process – moving straight to wet cleaning would turn this dry dirt into soggy mud.


The type of cleaning done next will depend on what we discovered in the initial inspection. For heavily soiled carpets we use extraction cleaning (our professional equipment stays outside the building, so disruption is minimised). Whereas for rugs, a specialist wet cleaning solution is carefully applied and then removed.

Stain removal

After cleaning, any remaining tough stains can be safely and expertly removed by our trained staff – leaving your rugs and carpets looking as good as new. We’ve been able to successfully remove even the most stubborn stains, from oil to vomit!


Lightly stained carpets will be dry by the time we drive away! Drying times for heavy duty extraction cleaning are still fast, with most carpets dry within eight hours of treatment. Plus, as we mentioned, we’ll happily clean carpets out of hours so there’s absolutely no disruption to your home or business.

professional cleaning for carpets and rugs - Rug drying

Helliar rug drying area

For rugs, drying is an important part of the cleaning process – as rugs left to dry too slowly are at risk of becoming mouldy. We dry rugs in our special drying area, ensuring they dry correctly and colours don’t run.

Recently cleaned rugs

We have cleaned hundreds of rugs, including antique rugs over 100 years old. We have the skills and equipment for cleaning all types of rugs, including oriental, silk and Persian rugs plus the latest modern designs. Here are just two that we’ve successfully cleaned recently…

Need professional cleaning for your carpets or rugs in Somerset or Dorset? Get in touch!

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