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How often should gutters be cleaned?

Your guttering does an important job, keeping water off your house or commercial building and preventing internal and external water damage.

Problems happen when guttering isn’t properly maintained and it stops working due to a blockage or breakage.

How often does guttering need cleaning?

We recommend getting your gutters cleaned at least once a year. A lot of debris can accumulate in guttering, from leaves and moss to more surprising items like tennis balls and even unfortunately dead animals.


A good time is late autumn after the leaves have fallen, so that gutters are clean and clear ready for the heavier rain over the winter months.

If you are close to a woodland or trees overhang your house, you may need to get them cleared more often. It’s also wise to get your guttering checked over in spring, as it can easily get damaged in severe weather such as snowfall and high winds.

Why gutters need to be cleared and cleaned

Left alone, debris will accumulate in gutters – causing blockages that stop your guttering from doing its job. 

Gutters that are blocked or overflowing can cause numerous problems. At the one end of the scale, non-functioning guttering can cause annoying drips and cosmetic damage to paintwork. At the other end, guttering that isn’t working properly for a substantial period of time could leave you with rotting fascia boards, leaks, penetrating damp, surface flooding and even structural issues.

Guttering that is full of debris can also sag and eventually break, leaving you with the expense of repairing or replacing your guttering system.

Keeping an eye on your guttering

As well as blockages, problems can quickly arise from guttering that is cracked or broken. These issues are often difficult to spot as guttering is high up and out of sight. To help spot broken guttering before it becomes problematic, we also offer video reporting when we’re cleaning and clearing gutters. 

The best way to clean and clear gutters

Previously, cleaning gutters was a perilous job that involved climbing ladders or getting on the roof. Thankfully due to the latest technology, it’s much easier. We have invested in equipment which allows us to reach and clear your guttering from the floor. Not only is our system safer, it can reach and see (thanks to our video technology) even places that ladders can’t go.

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