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Why we use eco cleaning products

Cleaning solutions which don’t harm the environment aren’t just for domestic use, they’re fantastic for industry too. Here’s why we use eco friendly cleaning products like Oleonix.

Food safe

The eco cleaning products we are use are designed for use in the food sector, and are therefore certified food safe. As well as being used by us to clean restaurants and kitchens, they’re also used by some of the largest food manufacturers in the UK.

We’ve even done a “taste test”, by using chocolate buttons pressed between two pieces of glass cleaned with Oleonix!

They’re more effective!

It might surprise you that eco cleaning brands could be more effective than traditional chemical based products, but in our many years of cleaning experience, that’s what we’ve found.

This is because Oleonix works in a different way to traditional cleaning products.

  • When dirt sticks to a surface, the surface tension created resists the efforts of standard cleaning agents to remove it.
  • Active agents penetrate through this surface tension to the core of dirt to break the bonds holding the dirt to whatever the surface is.
  • The released dirt is then easily removed by methods such as flushing, rinsing or suction.

Save time and water

Unlike traditional cleaning products, eco-friendly products such as Oleonix require virtually no water. As they’re so effective, they also take less time than normal cleaners. It’s a win all round.

The proof is in the cleaning

Here’s two “after” examples of cleaning with Oleonix. This floor was left free from grease, grime and dirt. Plus you can see Oleonix in action on this wheel, the right half has been cleaned while the left is still filthy.

Why we use eco cleaning products

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