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Cleaning cladding without chemicals

Our commercial cladding cleaning service is completed entirely without chemicals or detergents, yet still gets excellent results. The way we are able to do this is by cleaning with only purified water.

Cleaning cladding with pure water

The water we use for cleaning cladding has been purified through a process called reverse osmosis, which removes all the impurities that exist in tap water. This pure water is then used with our cladding cleaning system to blast away dirt, leaving your cladding sparkling clean.

cleaning cladding

Environmentally friendly

As we use only pure water for cleaning, your building, grounds and staff are not being exposed to potentially harmful detergents or chemicals.

Highly effective cladding cleaning

Even very dirty cladding – covered with moss and ingrained dirt  – can be effectively cleaned with pure water. Pure water attracts dirt, so even tough dirt is dragged away from your cladding.

Cladding cleaned without chemicals needs to be cleaned less often, as pure water leaves a clean finish, unlike cleaning agents which can leave a dirt-attracting residue. 

No damage to the cladding surface

We want to leave your cladding looking pristine, that’s why we operate our cleaner at low pressure to avoid causing damage to the cladding surface.

Minimum disruption

Our reach and wash systems allow us to use ladders less often, so we can complete the job with minimum disruption to your business. 

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