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10 amazing carpet and rug cleaning transformations

You’ll be amazed by these carpet and rug cleaning transformations. It looks like magic, but really it’s just great equipment, skilled cleaners and a lot of hard work!

1. Fast drying steam cleaning

Steam cleaning provides a thorough deep clean of most carpets, removing stains and deodorising as part of the cleaning process. The system is truck mounted and we can work up to 800 feet from the vehicle. Temperatures can be set and maintained through the cleaning process, and chemicals are metered in to prevent over dosing which is a major factor in carpets re-soiling after cleaning, due to the sticky residue left by too much detergent being used.

All noise, water and chemicals are outside of the premises and the only items that enter the property are the suction and solution hoses and the tools that attach to them.

2. Stain removal 

Even the most stubborn of stains are no match for our cleaning equipment. This rug looks as good as new after cleaning.


3. Steam cleaning a striped carpet

All styles of carpet can be brought back to life, just look at how good these stripes come up.

4. Dust removal

If you suffer from allergies, don’t hesitate to get your rugs cleaned, this is the amount of dust removed from just one rug!

Dust from rug

5. Muddy carpets

Children been getting entryways muddy? No problem! Here’s a muddy hallway carpet before, during and after Helliar cleaning.


6. Removal of ingrained dirt from rugs

This heavily soiled rug was restored to its former glory following our multi-step rug cleaning process


7. Even heavily soiled carpets can be brought back to life

It’s hard to believe how much brighter cleaned carpets can look.

carpet and rug cleaning

8. Patterned carpets

We’ve been cleaning carpets for over 25 years, so we know how to carefully treat all types of carpets, from patterned to plain. Here’s a patterned carpet in progress…

Patterned carpet cleaning

9. Even carpets that are “clean”

This customer thought their carpets were fairly clean, but just look at the difference!

10. Carpets hide a lot of dirt

Finally, after a day of carpet cleaning, this was the colour of water we extracted. Think your carpets aren’t dirty? Think again!

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